Why should you definitely be using eye cream?

Prevention is everything when it comes to skincare, and this also includes eye area.
Did You know that the skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your face and one of the first to reveal signs of aging?

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Yes,  eye creams really do work and you should be using one.

Eye creams will help to create an environment of moisture, which will prevent wrinkles and keep this area looking younger. This is a great reason to commit to applying one both morning and night. Skin cells are like fish and need water to live, so you need to keep hydration levels up to prevent moisture evaporation.

For an example of the powerful effects of topical moisturization, example stretch marks in pregnant women. Women who applied lotion to their stomachs several times a day (any kind of lotion, no specific magic ingredient) had fewer stretch marks than those who rarely moisturized.

With regards to the eye area, since this skin is constantly in motion from smiling, squinting and rubbing, an eye cream will prevent collagen and elasticity breakdown. The result is fewer premature lines and wrinkles.

Some Things You Need to Know About Eye Creams

Your eye cream won’t work well if you have dry skin cell buildup under the eyes.

An eye cream can prevent collagen and elasticity breakdown. The result is fewer premature lines and wrinkles.

To help manage dryness and soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, moisturizing alone won’t cut it. You must gently exfoliate the eye area to remove dryness. This way, fresher, plumper cells come to the surface instead and your eye cream can penetrate more effectively, all of which will give you better results.

Don’t apply eye cream too close When using an eye cream underneath the eyes, it should be applied only to the orbital bone (the bone just at the top of the cheekbone). The goal is to avoid applying it too close to the lash line because every time you blink, your lashes will lift microscopic amounts of product that might eventually get deposited into your eyes. Anything that enters the eyes can be an irritant and cause unnecessary puffiness, which leads to premature weakening of the skin’s elasticity.

You’ll also want to use your ring finger to apply eye cream. It is the weakest and therefore the most gentle finger, which makes it perfect for application to the delicate tissue under the eyes. Repeatedly pulling on the skin around the eyes can lead to wrinkles.

Start using an eye cream as early as age 20

Of all the preventative aging products that one can use (aside from sunscreen), eye cream is the one to get on early. By using eye cream at a young age,  you can help prevent the formation of wrinkles the eye area since this is the first part of the face to shows signs of aging. For those in their 20s, you just need something lightweight to keep the skin cells hydrated. Instead of a heavy cream, look for more of a gel formulation.

Avoid eye creams with irritating and heavy ingredients

Since the skin underneath the eyes is so thin and sensitive, you must choose your formula carefully.
Make sure that your eye cream is not loaded up with too many oils that give it a greasy feel. Heavy oils can weigh down the delicate tissue of the eye area and, over time, weaken elastin fibers causing premature wrinkles. The oils can also easily migrate into the eyes while you sleep and cause puffiness when you wake up in the morning.

Also avoid formulas that use synthetic fragrances. These are added to give the product a scent but can lead to watery, irritated and even rashy eyes. Avoid eye creams that have the ingredients “fragrance,” “perfume,” “natural fragrance” or “parfum” listed on the bottle or jar.

Another way to tell is to simply smell the product. If it’s highly fragranced, you’ll usually be able to tell and will want to skip it.

An eye cream should have firming ingredients, too.

The skin around the eyes needs more than just moisture. Since it’s so thin and gets so much wear and tear from squinting, smiling and rubbing, you need to make sure you’re using an eye cream formula that helps to keep the skin intact as much as possible. Eye creams that use peptides-are short- or long-chain amino acids. These can penetrate easily through the skin’s barrier and may help send a signal to your skin to create more collagen.

The key to having smooth and youthful-looking skin around the eyes is to give it plenty of tender loving care and use the right type of products.

Why MY Eye Cream Isn’t Working?

If you feel like your eye cream isn’t working, yet you’ve tried so many different ones?

1.Your eye cream isn’t working because it doesn’t contain active ingredients
The goal of any eye cream is to provide moisture to plump up thirsty cells so fine lines can appear less noticeable. If you have additional concerns such as dark circles, deep wrinkles, puffiness, and loss of elasticity that leads to sagging, your skin requires more.

2.Your eye makeup remover is too greasy, which interferes with eye cream absorption
If you first remove your eye makeup with an oil-based product, such as petroleum jelly, or any hard- working remover designed to easily take off waterproof mascara. In the process of the removal, an oily film is being left behind on the skin. Or, you wash your face with a cleanser that can’t cut through the oil, such as a cleansing balm or other oil-based cleanser. What you’re left with is a coating over the skin cells that makes it impossible for the active ingredients from your eye cream to do their job efficiently, because they will have a hard time absorbing.  If you feel like your eye cream isn’t working, skip an oil-based remover and choose a water-based, no-sting formula like MERE Rauhoittava kasvovesi

Tip: Apply eye makeup remover to a lint-free, fuzz-free Toning Cloth or cotton pad and gently press down on the eye, holding for 20 seconds before wiping away. This gives your eye makeup a chance to dissolve to avoid unnecessary rubbing and tuggingg, which can weaken skin elasticity around the eyes.

3.If you feel like your eye cream isn’t working, you might not be using it often enough
Since eye creams don’t necessarily give immediate results, you have to use them regularly. At least once a day (If not twice) and preferably at night. However, if you wake up with puffiness, you’ll want to use an eye cream or gel in your morning routine instead.

4.You’re not exfoliating around your eyes
If your concern is dryness and crepiness, all the moisture in the world won’t do much good when you have dry, dead cells that desperately need to be removed from the skin’s surface. Once these cells are lifted away, a moisturizing eye cream and active ingredients will be able to perform their best since they are working with fresh, new cells. The concept of exfoliating under the eyes will surely be new to some, but it’s necessary if you want to see results and get smoother-looking skin around the eyes. Be sure to apply an eye cream over an exfoliator.
uusi, mutta mutta se on välttämätöntä, jos haluaa nähdä tuloksia ja saada sileämmän ihon silmänympärysalueelle.

5.Perhaps your expectations for your eye cream are too high
Skin aging is a fact of life and depending on your lifestyle and genetics, it can show up even faster for some. When it comes to concerns like dark under-eye circles, this can be really stubborn to treat. As for the loss of elasticity that leads to bags, this can’t bounce back easily once it’s set in, so looking at a cosmetic procedure will give you the best result.