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I have been visiting Ainola regularly since 2017. I have undergone almost all the treatments that the clinic offers; Oxypro, HIFU, Velashape and LED light therapy device treatments. There is also MERE chemical peeling. I have been satisfied, I like the Velaspape treatment a lot, which firms well and is a very meaningful treatment. My favorite product is MERE Radiant cream ❤️ I enjoy my visits a lot. The best part is the customer service and excellent location.


During my 4 years at Ainola, I have had e.g. Oxypro and IPL device treatments and IPL light impulse therapy. I have received help with cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Of the MERE products, my favorite is Maxinadin cream. The best thing about Ainola is that you always receive comprehensive treatment. The atmosphere is good in the clinic. I feel warm all the time.


I have been visiting Ainola for almost a year. The treatments have worked well – especially the Oxypro device treatment. The clinic has a wonderful atmosphere. The MERE product line is really high quality and my favorite product is MERE Eye Cream. The treatments are wonderful and relaxing


I recommend Ainola as a clinic. The best part is the calm atmosphere and my own beautician. I have been a regular customer since 2018. I have undergone IPL, Velashape - HIFU - Microneedling - Rf microneedling - and Fractional microneedling treatment. My skin has become more vibrant, smooth and resilient. I have received help for sagging skin, fine lines and dull and dry skin.


I have sought help from the clinic for signs of fatigue and general skin well-being. I have undergone Oxypro -Velashape as well as IPL device treatments and skin cleansing. My favorite product is the MERE Deep Cleansing Mask ❤️ The best part is that you always feel like you don't have to think about anything ❤️ and can trust what is done to your face. Wonderful "Me Moment".


I have been visiting Ainola Beauty Clinic for 6 years. The best are MERE Chemical peels. The benefit-pleasure ratio is maximum. It's wonderful to have someone who takes care of my skin. A personal relationship is formed with your beautician, which makes visits pleasant.


The best thing about Ainola is the calmness and the fact that you get help with skin care. I've been made e.g. Velashape and HIFU treatments as well as skin cleansing and MERE Chemical Exfoliation. MERE Refreshing toner is my favourite product from the MERE series. The treatments are wonderful. I have got my money's worth.


I have been a regular customer of Ainola for several years. I have received help with firming - my husband compliments my skin �� I have had Microneedling Velashape-Oxypro as well as RF microneedling treatments and MERE Chemical Peeling. My favorite products from the selection are MERE toner and exfoliant. The best thing about Ainola is the treatments, a little pampering for yourself.


I have enjoyed going to Ainola's treatments for a couple of years now. I have had skin soothing and firming treatments. When I started, I was hoping for help with couperosa as well as signs of aging. One of my favorite products is the MERE Powerful Moisturizing Mask. I like that the products are suitable and a well-tested price-performance ratio is in place. When coming to treatment, the moment is refreshing and peaceful.


I have been undergoing regular treatments for 3 years. My skin was dry and there have been painful infections especially around my mouth. The dryness and redness of the skin have been treated well, and local infections and pimples are only rare. I have undergone Oxypro and IPL device treatments as well as Rf microneedling. My favourite products from the MERE range are SPF Day Creams, Maxinadin Cream and Effective Moisturizing Mask/Cream. Ainola provides long-term professional skin care. No miracle is promised in one treatment session and the treatment plan is changed according to the needs of the skin. The best thing about the clinic is the good location, professionalism and competence ❤️


I have been undergoing regular treatments for 5 years now. For example, I have undergone HIFU knife-free facelifts as well as various device treatments and acid treatments. I've noticed that my skin is less dry and brighter. The skin has now been firmer and the lines have softened. I like the MERE Refreshing Toner and the Honey-Amber Scrub. The best thing is the regularity of the treatments, as well as my own beautician.


I have been Ainola's customer for 5 years. I have undergone cleansing treatments. I started the treatments because my skin was really dry. I've had help with that ��, in my opinion, the best products in the MERE series are: Honey-Amber Scrub and Refreshing Toner. The best thing about Ainola is the friendliness


I started treatment at Ainola in 2017. I have done Velashape, HIFU and RF microneedling treatments. My concerns have been age-related changes, such as fine lines, for which I have received help. I have noticed that my skin is well-groomed and fresh after every treatment. My favourite products from the MERE range are MERE Refreshing Toner and MERE Honey-Amber Exfoliating Cream. I feel that I am in the reliable care of a professional and it is wonderful when the beautician tells me what he does and how the treatment works.


I started treatments at Ainola a couple of years ago to improve the moisture, elasticity and evenness of the skin. I have received help - my skin feels thicker, more velvety and the variegation of the skin has decreased. Beautician Meeli has recommended I the couperosa- enhancing IPL light impulse treatment and the firming Velashape treatment. My favourite products are all MERE serums ❤️, I recommend Ainola because the clinic has versatile equipment and equipment. In a treatment plan made together with the nurse, we can tailor the care package that I need and provide long-term benefits. The best thing is the perseverance of the treatment and the facial massage done with warm hands! Thank you Meeli❤️


I have visited Ainola regularly since 2015. I've had every possible treatment; HIFU treatment for firming, Velashape treatment for skin regeneration and regeneration and microneedling for skin brightening and couperose treatment. Currently, a new series of RF microneedling treatments is being trialled. I feel that I have received a lot of help over the years, but there is still work to be done. My favourite product from the MERE range is MERE Cleansing Milk, it has a heavenly scent! The clinic offers a wide range of treatments. The devices are constantly being renewed, so there is something for every skin type. The best thing about Ainola is the wonderful staff❤️

Loyal customer since 2016. The customer has undergone Velashape and Oxypro device treatments. The client feels that they have received help with skin care and that the clinic has responded to the client's needs and wishes. Customer praises our offers for products like Christmas and Women's Day. The customer's favourite product is MERE's Hyalyron Serum. Even though the clinic is expensive, the client still recommends