Come for a free consultation and discover the possibilities of natural HIFU treatment. In connection with the consultation, we will provide a free facial treatment according to your skin type. If you are interested, you have the opportunity to continue in our clinic with a more effective HIFU treatment package!

HIFU treatment is a knife-free facelift where we see immediate results without the time it takes to heal.

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    Beautiful skin starts with excellent skin care.

    HIFU (High Intense Focused Ultrasound) lifts and tightens sagging skin The effectiveness of the device is based on activating collagen production in the deepest layers of the skin using ultrasound. HIFU has been proven to be the most effective knife-free option without a recovery period.

    HIFU treatment is perfect for repairing and revitalizing aging skin. The results are immediate, but since the skin's own collagen production is activated, the effects of the treatment are also long- lasting. Thanks to this, the firming of the skin will continue with maintenance treatments for years to come.

    Effects of HIFU treatment:

    • Smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines
    • firming of loose or sagging skin in the face and neck area
    • Cheekbones, eyebrows and eyelid lift
    • Sharpening of the jawline
    • skin firming of the décolleté region

    High-performance targeted ultrasound technology extends to SMAS tissue without surgery. HIFU ultrasound is a breakthrough in the supply of knife-free face lifts. The treatment activates the skin's own collagen production, tightens loose skin and works well against signs of aging and fine lines.

    When done by a trained professional, the results of treatment can last up to 12-18 months after a single treatment.

    What does HIFU treatment feel like?

    HIFU treatment may feel uncomfortable and pain may be felt in certain areas near the bone ridge. Clients have described the treatment in such a way that the skin feels small sensations similar to an electrical impulse or tingling sensations on the skin. We recommend taking a painkiller before the procedure.

    Immediately after treatment, the skin may become red and swollen. The skin is usually restored within a day.


    HIFU for face

    There is no need to prepare in advance for HIFU treatment. At Ainola Beauty Clinic, HIFU treatment always treats both face and neck. The treatment takes about 75 minutes.

    The course of treatment:

    1. Cleansing and exfoliating the skin
    2. An ultrasonic gel is applied to the skin
    3. Going through the areas that are treated with a HIFU machine and the intensity and effectiveness of the treatment are adjusted according to the skin
    4. A cooling and soothing mask is applied to the skin
    5. At the end of the treatment, care products are applied to the skin and home care instructions are reviewed with the client.

    Youthful, firmer and lifted skin!

    We are very grateful of all the feedback from our customers.

    "I started treatments at Ainola a couple of years ago to improve the moisture, elasticity and evenness of the skin. I have received help – my skin feels thicker, more velvety and the variegation of the skin has decreased. Beautician Meeli has recommended I the couperosa-enhancing IPL light impulse treatment and the firming Velashape treatment. My favourite products are all MERE serums, I recommend Ainola because the clinic has versatile equipments. In a treatment plan made together with the nurse, we can tailor the care package that I need and provide long-term benefits. The best thing is the perseverance of the treatment and the facial massage done with warm hands! Thank you Meeli!" – Hanna

    "I started treatments at Ainola in 2017. I have done Velashape, HIFU and RF microneedling treatments. My concerns have been age-related changes, such as fine lines, for which I have received help. I have noticed that my skin is well-groomed and fresh after every treatment. My favourite products from the MERE range are MERE Refreshing Toner and MERE Honey-Amber Exfoliating Cream. I feel that I am in the reliable care of a professional, and it is wonderful when a beautician tells me what she does and how the treatment works." – Riitta

    "I have visited Ainola regularly since 2015. I've had every possible treatment; HIFU treatment for firming, Velashape treatment for skin regeneration and microneedling for skin brightening and couperose treatment. Currently, a new series of RF microneedling treatments is being trialled. I feel that I have received a lot of help over the years, but there is still work to be done. My favourite product from the MERE range is MERE Cleansing Milk, it has a heavenly scent! The clinic offers a wide range of treatments. The devices are constantly being renewed, so there is something for every skin type. The best thing about Ainola is the wonderful staff." – Sari

    " I have been Ainola's customer for 4 years. I have undergone Oxypro, Velashape and HIFU device treatments. In addition, I have been subjected to lifting with Cog threads by the clinic doctor. I have received help in firming the skin, smoothing the color and moisturizing the skin. The best products from the MERE range are all serums and day creams." – Laos

    "The best thing about Ainola is the calmness and getting help with skin care. I've been made e.g. Velashape and HIFU treatments as well as skin cleansing and MERE Chemical Exfoliation. MERE Refreshing toner is my favourite product from the MERE series. The treatments are wonderful. I have got my money's worth. " – Sinikka

    "For 6 years, I have been going to Ainola for treatments. I have undergone e.g. HIFU, Velashape and RF microneedling treatments as well as chemical peeling. I have received help for dry skin, unevenness and signs of aging. The best thing about Ainola is the holistic skin care and personal encounter." – Anu


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