Frequently Asked Questions

Ainola Beauty Clinic is a leading beauty clinic centrally located in Kluuvi in the centre of Helsinki. We specialize in holistic beauty care. State-of-the-art equipment combined with our team of professionals ensure a unique customer experience.

Ainola Beauty Clinic offers a free consultation for you who are interested in the well-being of your skin and need intensive skin care!

The visit includes a 30-minute consultation, in which the beauty consultant maps out the condition of the skin and current skin care habits together with the client. During the visit, the client gets to know the concept of our clinic and hear about the follow-up treatment measures recommended for him/her. The duration of the visit is about an hour.

During the consultation, the customer will also receive an OxyPro device treatment that brightens and moisturizes the skin. The treatment uses the MERE professional cosmetics series for Nordic skin. MERE skin care products consist of both the newest and most traditional effective ingredients. The products protect already healthy skin and prevent skin damage and premature signs of aging.

You can apply for a free facial treatment by visiting our website and filling in the application form: happihoidon/

You can also contact us by phone 040 940 2285 or email:

We offer professional solutions combined with non-surgical cosmetic services. For example, IPL treatment, VelaShape, Oxygen treatment, HIFU High Intence Ultrasound Treatment and several other treatments to meet the needs of clients of all ages and types. Device treatments can be used to correct the effects of skin ageing, pigment changes, visibility of damaged surface blood vessels, oily skin problems, purity of pores, and skin elasticity and firmness.

Since 2016, there have been more than 100,000 treatments.


Ainola Beauty Clinic's own MERE product range is manufactured in cooperation with Oem Spain. The laboratory is known for its non-allergenic cosmetic products. Together with leading scientists, doctors and chemists, we have hand-tailored the MERE professional facial line to meet the needs of Finnish skin. 

We invite you to our first meeting – a free consultation that includes a 30-minute consultation where a beauty consultant together with the client explains the condition of the skin and skin care habits. During the visit, the client can familiarize themselves with the concept of our clinic and hear recommendations for further actions. During the consultation, customers receive a free facial treatment and get to know our products.

If you got interested, we also offer the benefit of a fast booker in connection with the consultation. Book your appointment today!

The agreement is made for approximately one year, depending on what kind of treatment plan is drawn up with the client.

We offer two types of injections: filler treatments and botox treatments. Facial injection treatments correct minor or early-appearing changes associated with aging. Treatments are a much lighter option than surgery. As the name suggests, fillers fill sunken face shapes and their hyaluronic acid also effectively moisturizes the skin, making it supple. The effect of botox, in turn, is directed at the nerve endings of the muscles, which relaxes the muscle and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Together with the client, the specialist evaluates the best way forward to achieve an optimal result. Injection treatments are quick procedures by nature and their result is visible immediately without a long recovery period. Treatment can often be done already at the first appointment