Cog threads Cog threads are procedures that lift different areas of the face. The barbed wires have small barbs that create a face-lifting effect. The threads are introduced subcutaneously with the help of a cannula. When the threads are lifted, the facial features also rise. Sterile barbs melt on their own a month after the procedure. The results of treatment can be seen immediately after the procedure. For example, threads can be used to raise eyebrows and "hamster bags", as well as tighten and lift different areas of the face.

Treatment is always preceded by a consultation, where a treatment plan is drawn up with a doctor or nurse and the number of threads and the client's wishes are assessed. After treatment, swelling and redness may occur.

Unevenness and ripple of the skin may occur in the treated area for a few weeks after the procedure, after a month the skin is smoothed. The ripple is caused by the tightening under the skin brought by the thread.