Aesthetic injection treatments are a quick and easy way to get help with the signs and lines of aging. Our clinic is a health care unit and injection treatments are always performed by a trained nurse or doctor.

All facial filler treatments from us; such as lip filling and shaping, filler treatments for lower facial lines, nose, cheekbones, tear ducts, forehead, chin and jawline.

Follow up 1ml during the same treatment 199 €

Filler treatments

Certified Aesthetic Nurse

349€ / 1ml

Regular customer price 299€ /1ml!


Botulinum toxin injections are mainly used to reduce facial lines and treat excessive sweating. The remedy for mimic lines is quick and injections are almost painless. The treatment does not affect the normal rhythm of life in any way. Due to the effect of botulinum toxin, the functions of the mimic muscles weaken, so that wrinkles that have already formed become less noticeable and the formation of new wrinkles decreases. Botulinum toxin injections can be used in combination with other filling injections, as well as before or after other skin treatments, such as laser rejuvenation. The effect of the first injections lasts about 4-9 months, after which the treatment interval can be longer.


Lip filling and contouring is done with hyarulonic acid filler. The filler can be used to clarify the contours of the lips, make the lips more symmetrical and make the lips larger, more spectacular and smoother. By controlling the amount of filler and choosing the right injection technique, you will get exactly the result you want.

The results of filler treatment are visible immediately. Immediately after treatment, swelling and redness may appear in the treated area, which disappear within a few days, after which the final result can be seen. Bruising can also occur if there is a tendency to get them.

At Ainola Beauty Clinic, Revolax filler is used for lip filling.

Lip filling and contouring is done by a multi-certified healthcare professional.


Nasolabial and marionette line filler treatments. Filler treatment can be used to correct changed facial features and lines. Hyaluronic acid filler balances the skin's moisture balance, moisturizing the skin from the inside. It also improves skin tone, elasticity and softness, as well as lowers fine lines. After the treatment, the skin looks more perky and youthful. The effect of one treatment is immediately visible.


Contouring the chin and jawline with fillers brings balance and harmony to the facial features of the face. The treatment can also correct asymmetry and bring alignment to the jawline. tuoda linjakkuutta leukalinjaan.

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Filler treatments

Certified Aesthetic Nurse

499€ / 1-2ml

Regular customer price 449€ /1-2ml!

Nasal filler treatment can be used to straighten the nasal arch, correct asymmetry, correct angularity and make the nose line straighter.


Filler treatment of lacrimal grooves is the area from the inner corner of the eye to the upper part of the cheek. The area of the lacrimal grooves is often slightly bluish, the skin is thin and there may be fine lines. However, tear grooves can be smoothed and raised with the help of fillers.


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Koko kasvojen täyteainehoito

Certified Aesthetic Nurse

899€ / 4ml

Regular customer price 749€ /4ml!

Full face filler treatment includes multiple areas to treat. Treatment is always done individually according to your needs and wishes. By treating several areas, we can do a light full face lift, for example. A full face treatment usually requires 3-5ml of filler depending on the areas to be treated.

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Obstacles to filler treatments:

Certain diseases, certain medications, e.g. permanent medication that affects blood clotting. Flu or other respiratory infection, the skin is damaged in the area to be treated (wound, bruise, bad rash, etc.)

Symptoms after filler therapy:

Slight redness




Itching / tingling

The duration of the filler is influenced by:

The area to be treated, the filler used, the amount of filler, the condition of the skin, the age of the client and the client's lifestyle.


Indicative examples of the amount needed:

1-2 ml Nasolabial lines (fine lines between nose and mouth)

0.8-1 ml Fine lines around the mouth caused by smoking

0.5-1.5 ml Lip contouring (amount in one treatment, desired result may require several treatments)

1-2 ml Marionette lines (lines between the sides of the mouth and chin)

1-2 ml Neck cross-line reduction